Hanging on checking for Param MAVFTP?

I’m using the latest mission planner (1.3.76) and the latest Rover (4.1.3). When I try to connect with wireless telemetry at 57k baud the first box hangs on checking for Param MAVFTP. If I click cancel my params start to load according to the bar at the top. I have tried multiple ardupilot firmwares and i’m getting this on anything above 4.0. I have another boat on 4.0 and when using these exact same telemetry radios the params load in the inital box very quickly. I have been unable to load 4.0 from the ardupilot firmware database without having a total lack of telemetry output (I assume this is due to a firmware bug with the version online). Is anyone else having these issues? Is there any solution?

I’m seeing the same thing - it sits on “Param MAVFTP” for an awfully long time.

First, check that you don’t lose packets when connected to the autopilot via telemetry.
MavFtp does not cope well with lost packets.

Sometimes, I encouter this problem in MP - Copter. This happens when the RF link is unstable.
One question: Can we skip this MavFTP step? It seems to take time even we do not neet it everytime.

Just click cancel when it appears, it will fall back to good old param fetch. Or you can do param fetch on background with Config > Planner > Params Download in BackGround.

It may be that the radio isn’t capable of MAVLink2 so it could help to change SERIALx_PROTOCOL from “2” to “1” (where “x” is the serial port that the telemetry radio is connected to).

I forgot to add two things.

  • if the telemetry radio is a “SiK” radio (which many of the 900mHz and 415mHz radios are) then its firmware can be upgraded to a version that understands MAVLink2 using the MP screen shown on this wiki page.
  • the advantage of using a MAVLink2 capable radio is that in our more recent versions of AP, we use “MAVFTP” to send large blocks of data in a single message which avoids all the back-and-forth communication and greatly speeds up parameter and mission downloads.

One remark:
AFAIK from Ardupilot 4.1. on the MAVLink protocol is default set to 2. This is different with all earlier versions of Ardupilot where MAVLink version was set to default 1 for the telemetry ports.

As mentioned by Randy You still can set the serial port to MAVLink1 (SERIALx_PROTOCOL=1).

Unfortunately there was no changing after switching serial1 to protocol 1 instead of 2. However after trying multiple versions of MP from 1.3.9 down to 1.3.69 I am getting normal behavior of loading params on 1.3.9 and 1.3.69. Again unfortunately recent versions of MP will not display maps for some reason, there is an error indicated on the tiles. 1.3.69 loads map files as well as params as normal. However this version of MP does seem fairly outdated and some settings are missing (frame type for boat was my first search which came up with nothing…) So now i’m not really where to go to move forward here. 1.3.9 seems like the best bet but I have no clue why the map tiles aren’t being loaded. I’m using parallels on a mac, the fact previous versions load maps fine seems like there is likely a bug in MP and not an issue with system configuration.

We’re using mavlink-router and sending over wifi - does mavlink-router adequately support MAVLink2?

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I’m not sure if it is related but here is another issue raised against MP related to slow parameter downloads. extremely slow param download with multiple vehicles · Issue #2784 · ArduPilot/MissionPlanner · GitHub

I recorded these videos tonight. I am having success on the boat that was causing me the most trouble but it still isn’t loading params like i’m used to.

Here is my boat on 4.0.0 it quickly says checking for params on mavftp1-1, then it it switches to got param and quickly goes through them all as expected. Rover4 0Connecting - YouTube

And here is a different boat on 4.1.3 but using the exact same set of radios moved over from the previous boat. It sits on getting param mavftp 1-1 for quite awhile with nothing happening. then the bar quickly loads and closes. it appears all params do load. Is this how its intended to display loading on the newer firmware? 4 1 3JetBoatTelem - YouTube