Hand launch activate the motors in hand

Hello, everyone I would like to do hand launch by activating the motor in hand then toss the plane out. I have set the minacc to 5. but how hard ever I swing the plane. the motor did not spin. what did I miss?


Do you have the plane in auto mode with a takeoff command in the mission?


One more: is the Plane ARMED?

Do you have the plane in auto-takeoff mode?

First arm it then choose auto or take off mode, neither one works. What is take off command how to do so.

Yes, the plane was armed.

I tried auto mode and take off mode but did not see auto-take off mode.

Try this


Thanks for that video. I think I have done the same as the video told. The only difference Is that I don’t have GPS 3D fixed while I was indoor testing. Does the 3D fixed makes difference?

I also tried here2021-08-16 163611

Yes, you need to have a 3D fix. This mode won’t work without the GPS lock.

That explains. I was shaking my plane in the basement for a couple of hours. no wonder :rofl: