Hakrc F4 Pdb firmware

Hello i have this FC with barometer and currrent sensor and i tried to used omnibusf4pro and omnibusf4
but with none of them UARTS works only SBUS but i tried GPS on every uart pad but “NO GPS” (the gps i know that work because is from another plane)
I have use the same GPS param that i used before
Is the correct firmware?
Glider.param (18.9 KB)

I’m guessing you’ve already gone through this page? Omnibus F4 Pro (on-board current sensor) and Omnibus F4 AIO (no sensor onboard) — Copter documentation
From the params it looks like you have every SERIAL port set to “5” - GPS. I believe the way it works is if you have a port set to “5” and there is no GPS connected to it, then after that Ardupilot stops looking at the other ports for GPS. So depending on the order of how you did things, you may have moved the physical GPS to a different port but left SERIAL1 set to 5, meaning Ardupilot wouldn’t have even looked at the other SERIAL ports for the GPS. I may be incorrect on this, but I noticed it on this page recently when setting up my Matek flight controller. I’ve never used an Omnibus board, but I hope this helps! https://www.mateksys.com/?portfolio=f405-wse#tab-id-7