H16 with SIYI ZR10 gimbal

Hi, I’m planning to use the RC solution H16 from CUAV (or Skydriod, same thing?).

Now I’m wondering, will it be possible to control the SIYI ZR10 gimbal?

Here: SIYI ZR10 and A8 Gimbals — Plane documentation
I find, that ArduPilot support these gimbals since v4.3.1.

However, I never had my hand on the H16 remote. The manual is also not helping.

I would appreciate any help or comment!

Hi there did you find a solution to this, im wondering the same thing.

Hi there, I am still stuck in a similar issue. I am not able to get mavlink osd data on my H16 of the Siyi Zt30 Camera. The FC is connected with the AU and Siyi Camera with Uart, everything is configured according to the documentation but no data on the Siyi Fpv App yet.

H16 needs to use the same network segment as ZR10 or ZT30, such as 192.168.144.xxx. Do not run siyi fpv but use qgc. The complete compatibility of siyi’s products is limited to its own supply chain.

I am facing issues of video lag in QGC and also no features of LRF data or temperature data or any other features that are in siyi FPV app are not compatible with the QGC.

I have seen this on other gimbals so I believe this is a H16 Problem. The time lag can be amazingly long. I don’t know how it is storing so much data.