H Frame producing agressive osilations directly after take off

I have recently rebuilt my old solo and thrown new gear into it. Today when I launching ( very short flight) the bird started to oscilate agressively, also pitch was reversed.

Symptoms: Bird launches, and then motors begin to oscilate, agressively.

2019-03-19 13-51-13.bin (473.6 KB)


Solo frame

T motor 4 in 1 ESC
Lumineir Zip motors 2307
6 inch butter cutter tri prop (Lumineir)
Pix Racer R 15 (running D Shot)
TBS unify VTX
TBS crossfire XL rc link
Taranis X9D +
M Robotics Telemetry radio 915 Mhz
Matek 55 amp PDB
Runcam Eale II Rotor Riot edition