H.A.L with APM 2.6 Big problems in Loiter mode

Hi I got this HAL with 4 X 1100 KV motor / 11x 4.7 carbon probs and APM 2.6 with external gps.
Tarot 2D gim with GOPRO 3 hero.
Radio Futaba T7C with FAST Reciever.
MP 1.3.10
Sats = 8-9
So fare so god.
Every thing is brand new and worked okey in the first 2 flights In loiter mode little unsatbel but not a big deal, the problems came when i go from Loiter to stab mode, the copter start to twist from site to site and nearly crashed, i saved in last sekund with more power
Next flight…test before take of… Pitch for some reason was reversed…?? Checked the Radio, no problem, disconnect battery from APM and and connect it again… then everything was okay…
The copter was very unstable in takeoff special the pitch forward. as son it was about 3 to 6 feet abov ground it become stable and then up to around 20 feet, the over to loiter mode flight a short round then slowly down to in loiter mode to around 15 feet then it start to be very unstable, the more power and back to Stab mode… when it was stable again i went to ALTHOLD and back to Loiter no problem tried to land again and this time it fucked up and crashed, only minor damage…

Back to the garage , Calibrated the compas and the accel.
Back to the field start up and the time take of was very stable and no problem flying around , some drifting off course but no problem ,went up to 10 feet and then in ALTHOLD and back again very stable, but the to loiter and it starts to twist from left to right and back and nearly crashed again, saved it back in stab mode.
I’m not getting back in the air before i find the problems
Do any one have some knowledge about this problem.

regards Klint

How do you know that this is a hardware issue (APM2.6) and not a tuning/firmware issue?
What version of the ArduCopter firmware are you using?
Please provide tlogs and/or data flash logs so that a determination can be made as to whether this is either a hardware or a tuning/firmware issue.

Sorry if i have place this topic in the wrong forum folder, but i’m totally new in this arducopter stuff
and this forum is quite big so i didn’t know were to post it so i took a chance. :question:

I shall try to make this logs you are talking about and post it.


I now have some logs from last flight in Stab/ Althold and loiter mode. Gagin problems in the same time i switch to loiter.
What shall i do with the logs , just post them here ore make a graff. :confused: