Gyro´s Problems?


Need help regarding a flawless Pixhawk with v.3.2.1 that have a ton of flights with success.

This is the second flight that after +/-30 minutes in the air, the FC put the plane in a dive in all modes, the only way that i can bring the plane back is in manual mode.
You can see in this very short video that after the dive the horizon line never return to “normal” it seams like the “new level” flight is pointing to the ground.

The log flight in Droneshare:

The only thing that i can find in the log is the difference between the IMU and IMU2 in the GyrY

It´s a faulty Pixhawk or can i fix it

Good that you were able to fly manually. Just watched the video, what is going on with the low battery? Could it be you had a brownout and all bets off when that happens. Did you lose a voltage regulator or something?

Hi, thanks for reply.
The low battery warning is only because I set the minimum value for the lipos and I was flying with lilo batteries.
In the log I don’t see any brownout because I have plenty of battery left

Yup, thatd be too obvious and you wouldn’t need help solving that. I hope someone has better ideas on what happened.