Gyro or Accelerometer reversed or Motor connection wrong

Large X6 just flips on it’s head when trying to lift off.

Can’t find how to reverse the gyro or accelerometer and realized the motors might be connected wrong.

Initially I found it very difficult to find a motor connection diagram and upon reviewing my path I realize the only readable motor connection diagram is on the APM 2-2.6. I previously flew this hex on a 2.5 with no issues, decided to try the pixhawk and haven’t flown since!

So my first question is, are the motors connected to the Pixhawk in the same order as the 2-2.6?

My second question, if the first question is “true” is there a way to reverse gyro or acc in the roll axis so I can quit breaking those expensive carbon fiber props and go fly already?

Thanks in advance, any help is greatly appreciated.

This is what I do to confirm a working copter stabilization before first take off. This method is a bit dangerous, so please be careful.

[li]Get a good grip on your copter and hold it in a way that rotating props won’t hit you, e.g. over you head.[/li]
[li]Arm the copter (stabilize mode) and raise the throttle just a bit, enough to produce some lift and reduce the weight on your hand, but not much more.[/li]
[li]Tilt the copter with your hand forward/back/left/right. You should feel a response that counters your movement, stabilizing the copter.[/li][/ul]

Good question. I’m about to switch from APM to Pixhawk as well, so I’d like to know…

Is your pixhawk orientation really facing forward? And the cw/ccw props are not mixed up? Sorry for these stupid questions, just to be sure…

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Here you can see the motor for Pixhawk: … r_diagrams


Here you can see the motor for Pixhawk: … r_diagrams[/quote]

Thank you for that. I managed to get a larger graphic to open and determined I have my motors hooked correctly and spinning also correctly.

Any other thoughts are welcome.