Guided Mode roll angle discrepancy

I’m trying to control a fixed wing aircraft by setting the roll and pitch angles through a custom function while in Guided Mode. However, I’m seeing that if I set a roll angle of 60 degrees for instance, the aircraft will only ever reach around 45-50 degrees at most and simply oscillate around that point.
Also, sometimes, the aircraft will reach the desired roll angle, but isn’t able to sustain it.

Does anyone know why the aircraft is unable to follow the roll commands I send it? Is it due to aerodynamic effects that the attitude controller doesn’t account for?

I think it is a good idea to send the *.bin logs until experts see this topic to get a faster response :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I only have the telemetry log, as the flight occurred a while ago, and the tlog exceeds upload file size requirements.

That’s always the case. Post a link to where it’s located in a Cloud service.

Got it, the tlog can be found here:
If you replay the trajectory in Mission Planner, you should see in red letters: NEAT: #|#|#|#|# appearing in the attitude screen.

The numbers represent, in order: commanded roll angle, airspeed, pitch, climb rate, and a binary value that indicates whether the vehicle is in a thermal soaring region or not (1 is in thermalling mode).

The vehicle only enters guided mode when it’s inside a thermal, so only when you see the aircraft spinning will the roll angle commands matter.