GSoC Visual Follow-me funding request -- WIP

Topic: GSoC Visual Follow-me funding request

Proposal type: Hardware

Description: Hardware for AsifK’s GSoC

AsifK is working on adding visual follow-me support to AP. The project is outlined in this blog post and here in the wiki but in short the aim is to enhance the AP C++ code and also write a python program to run on a high powered companion computer that will run Yolov8. The user will be able to click on the live video stream and the mount will keep the clicked-upon item in the middle of the screen. Once complete we hope to enable the vehicle to also follow the clicked-opon-item.

These items have kindly been donated by Partners:

  • Nvidia Orin Nano companion computer (Holybro will provide, @MagicRuB may provide, Qualcomm may provide)
  • Quad 650 frame (Holybro will provide)
  • Extra propellers and motors (perhaps 8 propellers, 4 extra motors) (CubePilot will provide)
  • H7 AutoPilot (Holybro, @Zane_ZeroOne will provide)

In many ways this is an open source version of what Siyi has done here and we would also like to add support for this closed source solution eventually as well.

Planned amount $$ (USD): TBD

Estimated time for completion: 1 month

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