Gsoc application

I David and i am looking for a first time tusk to work on to enable get familiar with Ardupilot

Hi David,

In our issues list we have labelled some items as “good first issue” so there are some relatively easy ones (and also not so easy ones) in there.

By the way you’ve probably already seen our GSoC project ideas list but these are quite big and probably not what you’re looking for at this exact moment.

Thank you marckay for the helpful advise so I should mainly use this link" good first issue" in the email you sent access starter projects ?

Hello. My name is Luthfi Fauzi, student Telkom University Indonesia. I am interested to one of ArduPilot project list. I am interested to Improved IoT integration. I have a IOT project before. I make a anticipating for flood disaster with some support applications like firebase and arduino.
I am very interested to this project. What should I know about this project? What should I learn?

Thank you for your attentions.