Ground Steering Issue

Hi APM Gurus,

This is my first post, I would like help from APM Gurus. I have done the Ground Steering setup using the steps described here … r-a-plane/. I would like have takeoff procedure safe. For it, I changed the GROUND_STEER_ALT to 5 and STEER2SRV_P to 4 like in the wiki page and, finally, RC7 function to 26 (Ground Steering).

I can’t see any difference on a straight track along the runway takeoff after the changes. The steering wheel don’t lock with compass direction and the tail continue dancing/I don’t have safe control.

This feature work only for automatic takeoff? What I am doing wrong?


I also have the same problem, when trying to tuning PID controller for it. Besides the weaving problem, do you have problem like making a “U-turn” before going straight in “FBWA” or “Auto” mode?
Because I have this situation, and I cant find any related situation on the website.