Ground station with stand-alone radio

I am in the situation, that I have an Android tablet with no serial port drivers/kernel modules. So I can’t use the 3DR radio on the tablet as ground station.

So I was thinking: Use 2 air-radios (already have), and connect the ground radio to either HC-05 or ESP-01. The ESP-01 would allow me to use iPhone/iPad as well. I have this setup working with an FTDI on my PC, so the air radio is configured correct.

Is there anything against this solution ? (apart from 2.4GHz for both WiFi/BT and radio might be bad ?) I might use my phone as 4G modem as well.

How would you power it ? Is there a regulator on the chinese 433MHz radios (i.e. are they 2S safe ?) ? Or should I use a 5V ubec -> Radio + 3.3V LM3117 for the ESP-01 ? And the voltage divider. I am waiting for BLE modules, these would need 3.3V as well and are not 5V tolerant. Would need a voltage divider as well.

I have plenty of BT modules, the ZS-040 type gives me some trouble (not sure why), but the others works perfectly at 5V.