Graupner HOTT telmetry for pixhawk with APM stack

Hi everybody,

I am using the APM for one year now, I got a plane with APM 2.5 and a new 3DR Y6 with a Pixhawk.

I saw that someone coded the support of Graupner HOTT telemetry for the PX4 and some people, including me, would like to have this ported for the Pixhawk with APM stack…

I would really appreciate if somebody did this, of course I can buy the Graupner telemetry module (as I have for all my other flying things) but having the Pixhawk directly sending the datas would be cheaper and lighter.

Usually I am trying to help other people with my youtube channel ( ) but this time I am asking for help… Ok I asked for help a lot already :wink:

Thank you already for this amazing feature :smiley:

You can try it in master and see if the input is working. Just be careful if you fly

Hi Craig,

Sorry I didn’t react sooner but as I bought a Graupner telemetry module I didn’t follow this matter.

I don’t understand what you mean by “master”? What should be put in master?

Thank you for your help