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GPS_update function

(Rouhollah) #1

I have a question regarding the update_GPS function in sensor.cpp file under AntenaTracker package.

In the beginning of this function there is an if condition:
if (gps.last_message_time_ms() != last_gps_msg_ms &&
gps.status() >= AP_GPS::GPS_OK_FIX_3D)

I was wondering what is the condition that are being checked in this if statement?

I’m a bit new to the ArduPilot packages, my apology if the question is naive.

(Peter Hall) #2

check to see if there is a new message that we have not already read

checks that the gps fix is at least 3d

(Rouhollah) #3

Thanks Peter for the prompt reply. What does the latter one mean? what is GPS fix? and what does it mean to be 3d for the gps status?