GPS Speed Error



I’m going crazy.

I am not able to arm my pixhawm 3.4 firmware.
I get an error message: GPS speed error xx (need 1.0)
This happens to me with geofence in altitude + circle. If I deactivate circle it lets me arm at the moment when I have more than 6 gps.

Can someone help me please

thank you very much

Hi David,

That error means that the speed data coming from the GPS is showing a high error value, which usually means you have a bad GPS fix (satellite number is a very poor indication of the quality of the GPS signal). Are you inside or outside?

I get this if I have something emitting a lot of noise nearby to the GPS - for example I have an onboard computer with a usb3 camera. usb3 is notoriously bad for emitting a lot of noise. If I have the camera running I get the speed error.



  1. Dismantle the two GPS
  2. reinstall copter 3.4.
  3. install 1 single gps
  4. go to the countryside, in an open place without buildings
  5. Testing … gpsnumcount = 17
  6. install second GPS
  7. do tests, all perfect.

thanks to all!

I had the same problem today. Just bring the Quad outside and the problem’s fixed. Now I can control it in GUIDED mode. :sunglasses:


my pixhawk was armed in stabilize or althold modes in an open place but was not armed in poshold or loiter or RTL mode and I get error message : GPS Speed error 1.0
my frameware version is copter 3.5.5 .I dont know what’s that reason?

Can you help me about my problem?

thank you