GPS RTK for altitude reference

If at take off GPS is in RTK Fixed is it taken in consideration as an altitude reference in EKF2 or it uses only barometer if that is selected as altitude sensor in EKF2 param?


Hi Corrado,

I assume you’ve found the answer, but if not:
EK2_ALT_SOURCE should be set to 2 (Use GPS).*

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My question was a bit deeper, if i select barometer as alt source, does ekf2 take in consideration gps if in rtk fixed as reference?

Ok sorry, I see you are asking for the reference, so you mean the home altitude.
I’ve no idea how it is calculated, and if it uses EKF2 for the initial altitude.

You can still increase the weight of GPS in EK2_ALT_M_NSE.

But if you want to increase the overall altitude you should fly RTK only…