Gps reboot in flight

A few days ago, while the drone was flying, the gps rebooted and the failsafe worked. So I did a test today, I flew several ways for an hour and the problem reappeared once after about 40 minutes. and couldn’t see
For me, I don’t know what the problem is. please help me
thank you


I tried to upload a log, but it was rejected because it was large (up to 4.4MB). However, my log is less than 4M in size. it’s weird

Please use something like

Yes, I had the same problem before。

I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable. Why do I have to do this? ardupilot.
Unzip the zip file in order from top to bottom.
00000077 (3).zip (508.5 KB)
00000077 (2).zip (507.9 KB)
00000077 (4).zip (507.0 KB) (367.2 KB)

Use a cloud service and paste a link to the file like everyone else does. There are countless free services.