GPS not finding sats on battery power. Only USB

Matek 765 wing build. Matek m8 gps module. GPS has power on both battery and usb. Only on usb will the GPS find satellites go to GPS fix 3. If i plug in battery power the GPS has power, however it shows it saving the auto config on the flight status screen but it never leaves gps fix 1, ever. Tried taking the GPS from the 4.5v pin to the 5v pin. No change. Still works fine on USB but not on battery. GPS has power confirmed with a meter and red light always comes on, batt or usb. Scratching my head on this. Been searching and can’t find any advice. On usb is locks really fast, few seconds. Will never leave gps_fix 1 on battery. It just sits there.

What connectors do you have on your drone input? This might be a shot in the dark but I’ve seen people report issues when using the AS150 connectors as the anti spark portion causes a slight delay in the power up (iirc) and that is enough to throw off the GPS. Try messing around with brd_boot_delay parameter, increasing it to 5000 or 7000 to see if that helps

Standard XT90 without the antispark. So i dug further into the issue and pulled my telem module and the crossfire diversity I was using for rc link. No change. I am also noticing its barely getting sats when it does and the HDOP is rather high. I think its just junk and when the drone is on, RF is messing with it. I ordered a MRO, i was using the matek because I had it. Hopefully that is the case because I have fine tooth combed all params and the whole setup.

I replaced the GPS with a MRO and I was having random issues still but it would get a good lock sometimes. I moved the brd_boot_delay to 7000 as mentioned above and it has seemed to solve it if anyone is looking for future advice. The matek m8n gps still has a lot of issues finding satellites but I am running both GPS and overall it seems to get decent sats, even inside.