GPS issues, no lights + no lock after extending GPS cables


This post is about the 3DR PixHawk and GPS combo.

As the title says, I extended the cables on my GPS unit and now it no longer works. I DID check to make sure the cables were going to the correct places, and they are.

The obvious problem is the cable I used to extend the cable with / my soldering is bad. I would think that, but now when I test it with the stock cable it doesn’t work either. I then assumed I burnt out something by either swapping wires or making a short, that is not the case though as I have checked the cable with my multi-meter many times now.

Any have any ideas as to what I have done to mess this up? I am almost sure it has to be something I did, I just can’t figure it out.

Any help would be great. Also, if you can inform me what the lights on the GPS it’s self it will help me trouble shoot. If you need I can post pictures of my setup, just let me know.

Thank you all so much in advance.

Hi Will,

Are any of the other ports of the Pixhawk works? telemetry or RC In?

You can check the GPS port voltages, here is the pin out information: … ssignments

The GPS has 2 leds PWR and FIX, the PWR will be solid red to indicates it has power, the FIX will be off when it doesn’t get satellites signal and blinking blue when it gets satellites signal.