GPS glitch drone unstability

Hello All, please I need help with my drones. I have two drones and both did fly many times. Than I disassembly them and add Mouch pores switch. After assembly I did a calibration of both. But they do not fly. After take of I received message on GC gps glitch and EKF error. Drone start fly away and crash. I changed GPS but the result is the same. Could you please advise me what is wrong? Drones have pros 30in, weight 17 kg. And now do not fly. Thank you very much for any advise.
Logs are (1009.4 KB)

Keep your GPS receiver as far away from your power cables as possible !!!

I did, but no effect.

Hello All,
I have still the problem with my Quad. I changed Pix completely, GPS antenna is new, but behavior of drone is the same. GPS glitch and fly away. I include the log. Could you help me somebody? I dont have any idea how to improve it. I desperately need some advise.
Thank you.
George2020-09-23 10-12-40.bin (724 KB)