GPS Flight modes not working

The SV seems to get a GPS lock but will not take off. And when I do take off in indoor mode then switch to GPS, it forces the plane to land. I have reloaded all three firmware updates. But can’t get it to work. Plz help.

If you have a laptop or tablet, connect to its wireless web interface ( and choose the System Status. The last tab on that page will be messages. It will show you a continuous log of what the system is experiencing in real time.

I had an issue a while back with my v2450. GPS tab on the same page showed me the EKF would fail. After multiple attempts at manual calibration it finally cleared and I was flying again. I’ve had to recalibrate only twice in the time I’ve owned it but both times it took 4 or 5 tries before it worked.


Thanks. I appreciate ur help…Mike