Gps connector surprise with Pixhawk 2.1

Yesterday I unplugged my Here gps from my 2.1 to do some work on the antenna mount. When I went to plug the gps back in to my surprise the socket that was once inside the Pixhawk was still on the plug at the end of my cable. I thought back to when I had unplugged it about 30 minutes before and I didn’t remember any extra resistance .when disconnecting. I used a curved tip hemostat to unhook the hook when disconnecting but I thought well I guess the hook was still engaged somewhat. At first I thought I’m screwed and will need to try and order a carrier board but then thought I have nothing to lose lets try and fix it. I’ve been a bench tech for longer than I care to remember and I have the equipment and the skill to make such a repair. So I disassembled the 2.1 and was disappointed at what I saw when I inspected the circuit board under magnification. All of the sockets on the carrier board had minimal solder and almost all solder joints had a somewhat flakey cold joint look to them. When I closely inspected the area where the gps socket had been I observed that there was virtually no solder that covered the pins on the socket and on the ends of the socket where the mounting tabs are that secure the socket to the circuit board had very little solder on them either. Every pin except one had made a clean break from the circuit board not damaging any of the traces. One of the traces did separate and a small portion of trace separated from the board. The trace that did separate was a very small short run that went to a small via (a through hole) and also continued on from the via to parts unknown on the circuit board. So three connections would need to be made on this one pin for the repair of that pin to work. I thought this will be an easy repair except for the damaged trace so I did the repair and fixed the damaged trace with a small piece of wire wrap wire. I put it all back together and it works, the Here locks onto the sats and all was good but I’ve noticed that if I slightly pull on the cable the Here goes from flashing green to flashing yellow and when tension is released it goes back to flashing green. So I think that probably my damaged trace repair is not quite perfect. So my question is can I get Hex to replace the carrier board? And to be candid I’m concerned that any replacement board weather warranted or purchased will still have marginal solder connections. But for now I would like to know If I can get Hex to replace it and if so how would I go about doing that.
Mark S.

Contact who you got it from

Bought from RMRC will get ahold of them,thanks.