GPS/Compass orientation conflicting info on setup


A noob on APM/Pixhawk installing a new PixHawk on a DJI F550 frame with the E300 propulsion kit.

On the step by step guide ( … ss-module/) there’s this note:

Note: If the GPS / Magnetometer board is mounted in its correct direction (arrow pointing forward) and the Flight controller board is also mounted right side up with its arrow pointing forward, the (COMPASS_ORIENT) parameter will need to be set to (Roll 180) or “8″ because the compass is upside down under the GPS modules antenna.


On the APM Planner 2.07 software says that the on the PX4/PixHawk should be set to 0º

which one is correct?

And how to notify the owner of the incorrect info to rectify it ?

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I caught this same conflicting information. Mine was set to zero correction: COMPASS_ORIENT : 0. It was flying Okay but I had (still have) Loiter issues so as I was trying to resolve them I flipped it to 8 (Roll 180). When I flew the copter like this and went into Loiter mode the copter immediately took off into the wild blue. I flipped back to zero (None) and it was back to the old Loiter issue. I’m thinking your F550 is setup like mine, controller facing forward and upright, Compass+GPS facing forward with GPS on top so we both need COMPASS_ORIENT : 0.

I agree with you, it would be good to sync up the documentation or clarify it if we are misinterpreting it.

Dave (W4DJW)

Good to see I’m not the only one Reading The Fine Manuals :slight_smile:

I also did some indoor testing like you, but as I started fresh from 0 and the results were exactly as expected I considered the 180º info erroneous and discarded it. One less thing to worry about.

Perhaps the Owner of the info on the Wiki (editor?) could correct it.