GPS/Compass Module Mounting Considerations

My Pixhawk is mounted in the absolute dead-center of the craft. I know that is important.

But what about the GPS module? How critical is it for the compass to be over the center of gravity? I have a proper GPS mount (to get it up above the electronics). But what if I mount the GPS about an inch in front (and about four inches higher) of the Pixhawk? What if the GPS Module were a full two inches forward of the Pixhawk?

Thanks in advance.

you’re good to about 10cm. More critical is to have the compass in the GPS as far away from the wiring going to the motor as possible … rrent_Loop

Here’s my current idea on placement (linked image). Obviously the red things are the Pixhawk and the GPS mounting bracket. I can custom machine a mount that puts it dead-over the Pixhawk if it would help. Truth be told, I’m being lazy and trying to use the same carbon fiber plate to mount the GPS.

Is the GPS too far away from the Pixhawk’s COG? … cement.png

Definitely not. Some separation is a good thing. You can get a bit of interference from the Pixhawk on the GPS. IF it was right over the Pixhawk I would add some shielding between them.

I machined a little carbon-fiber platform to hold the GPS mount, but the GPS is dead-over the center of the Pixhawk now (albeit several inches above the Pixhawk).

Maybe I was just being paranoid, but it seemed like having the compass off the X-Y center of the Pixhawk was just asking for trouble.