GPS Blending Unhealthy


I have a drone running copter 4.3 and I have installed 2 gps matek m8q-5883 on it. I made the configuration exactly as the link says

I am getting the: GPS Blending Unhealthy pre arm check fail all the time.

I have tried disactivating that GPS pre arm check and arming in another mode and then switching to AUTO or POSITION HOLD modes and the drone works perfectly.

Any help?? Thanks in advance.

4.3 does not exist. Please update to >= 4.0.5

Sorry, I meant 4.0.3

I assume these are both UBLOX GPS. I read somewhere that they need to be Ublox gps due to some gps health conversation the GPS use and Arducopter looks at.

Also you have confirmed that both GPS are being seen. I had a bad blending because I had configured the machine to have two GPS and had set blending…but the second GPS wasn’t working.

It’s good to have the latest and greatest but don’t cloud your trouble shooting with another variable. Solve the problem before upgrading. This issue isn’t firmware specific…its usually hardware.

And do not disable pre-arm checks. They are there for a reason!

Unhealthy blending means that one or both GPS does not have fix or does not gives update in the requires (200ms) interval. So it must be a hardware problem.
Check both GPS without blending.

I was checking the logs, both GPS lines appear.

I do not see a green line (GPS2)

You are totally right. Im sorry. So maybe GPS2 is faulty or there is something wrong with the wire.

Thats the problem I had.
The second GPS had it’s wires crossed. DId you check the quick status and see if the GPS status is says the gps are there.
Or add the second GPS to the hud to see if it’s active. Thats a quick check. IF it doesn’t show on the hud it ain’t there.

I think u should be right. I just changed the GPS and the problem persisted. It should be the wires.

could be. With UART ports its TX from the GPS to RX on the UART port.
RX from the GPS to TX on the UART port.
Also add both GPS to the hud it makes it real easy to determine if it’s there.

That exactly what happened! Thank you!!

Wa hoooooo great news.