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I’m using Here GPS as GPS 1 and a RTK GPS as GPS 2.

If I select UseSecond for GPS_AUTO_SWITCH, what happen if, for whatever reason, the GPS2 is lost during flight? would the autopilot automatically switch to GPS1?

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No, it will not. It will continue to use the second

Thank you for your answer.
Would it be stupid to ask for such option? I mean to have a 2nd GPS for redundancy but without the risk of switching between the 2 GPS unnecessary? (which is what can happen with “use best”)

github pull requests are welcome. I am the one that added that UseSecondoption with a Pull-Request :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice, if I could develop for sure I would offer it :-).

Do you think it would it be difficult for you to introduce such feature since you are the ONE :slight_smile: ?
I imagine something not really far from UseBest, instead of comparing HDOP or mode or number of satellite the condition to trigger a change of Primary GPS could be if there are for instance less than 5 satellites or mode switch to No GPS.

Actually I was wondering also what are the conditions to trigger a change of the primary GPS under the UseBest option?

Finally maybe you have an explanation to my problem: when we apply UseBest and GPS as alt_source, we sometimes lose RTK fix and that trigger a primary GPS change and a harsh reaction of the drone, like losing altitude. My explanation would be the difference of elevation between the 2 GPS, what do you think?

You are not the first to ask for this and I am starting a new project where I will need this … so you might get your wish, but I can not promise it.

Yes two GPS of different manufacturers can output very different altitudes, do not mix them, unless you can write the code to correct them :wink:

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thank you, I’m looking forward to hearing news from you!