GPS and Compass not working.


I just finished my build with a pixhawk 2.1 and the here GPS and was connecting it to my computer. I noticed that the compass wasn’t facing in the right direction even after I calibrated it multiple times. The GPS also acts as if its moving around based on the map in mission planner. I tried this outside too and found the same results. A lot of the values are changing even though the drone isn’t moving at all. Also, I am using a tarot T4-3D gimbal. When I try to set it up as a gimbal in mission planner I can’t control it with my controller even after viewing many tutorials on how to do so. The only way I get it to work is if I do a pass-through but then I will have a harder time with moving the gimbal in a mission. I also get “bad ahrs” and “throttle below failsafe”, and “error, compass variance” multiple times. Help! Thanks,