GPS Altitude Control

Hello there!
Actually I’m working with two GNSS based on the ZED-F9P module on a quadplane. The idea is to start using the GPS as primary source of altitude and having the barometer as a back-up. I know that using this function is possible following this link:

I also heard that is possible to work with the parameter: EK3_GPS_VACC_MAX but I’m not completely sure how to integrate it with the system and how it’s going to be working after that. Anybody has experience on this topic that can give me a recommendation?

Also I’m not sure how the EKF changes the sources for positioning. What I read on the AP documentation (EKF Source Selection and Switching — Plane documentation) is that you can set a switch in order to select the different sources but it’s also possible to do it automaticaly in case that one sensor has a bad lecture? I don’t want to have only the GPS as a source for the Z position because in case it fails, the vehicle can have a crash. That’s by I think that the EK3_GPS_VACC_MAX enters to the game, but I couldn’t find so much information on how to integrate it with the system.

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