GPS accuracy degrades when using companion computer

Hi All!

I have noticed an issue in flight, My quadcopter is using a Nvidia Jetson Xavier NX with a WeAct Jetson compact carrier board. I am using cube orange (AC4.1.5) with here 3 gps.

The jetson is being used just to pull the GPS data from the cube via the USB port (the USB with buzzer cable) of the carrier board. I haven’t made any changes of parameters for this USB port on the cube.

What I have noticed is whenever the script is running on the jetson the cube’s GPS accuracy degrades, I am looking at a horizontal accuracy of 3m and vertical accuracy of 6m. As soon as this script is terminated immediately the horizontal accuracy becomes 1.3m and vertical accuracy 1.6m.

The GPS and the jetson are at least 40cm

What could be causing this kind of behavior?

Your help is appreciated, thank you in advance!

Use better (EMI wise) USB cables. Improve GNSS antenna shielding. Avoid USB 3.x devices

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Hi @amilcarlucas we switched out the USB 3.x cable and the issue was resolved.
EMI shielding also helped us.

USB3.x is pretty nasty stuff caught us off guard!

Thanks for the help!