GPS-2 error but no GPS 2 configured

I have a single GPS seen as GPS 0, and I get GPS-2 err in my logs.
I also experienced toilet bowl after a successful flight 100m from the second flight location.
A lot of wind yesterday and -20C.
Build is a 5" with matek f405ctr and bn880 about 1" above the fc and other electronics. elrs 2.4 ep1 receiver on the bottom side of the quad.
AC 4.1.1 (01d1aa1e)

Log 1 (flight went well, GPS2 error): Upload files for free - 00000046.log -
Log 2 (toilet bowling): Upload files for free - 00000047.log -

Please do upgrade to ArduCopter 4.1.5-rc1

Multiple instances of the same GPS Glitch.

Thanks guys, will upgrade.
Dave, here is a screenshot. I’ll take your word though the number looks like a GPS identifier. Ho well.

It’s not.

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