GPIOS - AUX Pin Configuration Confusion!

I’m using ArduCopter V4.2.2 and am trying to configure AUX pin 6 or Channel 14 as a PWM signal pass through with no luck. E.g., raise and lower the landing gear.

The wiki description for the 4.2+ configuration is quite confusing, and difficult to understand.

I have tried setting SERVO14_FUNCTION to 1 and also -1 but can’t get a PWM signal through.

The Messages gives ‘RCOut: PWM:1-12 NeoP:13-14’. I can’t find what NeoP means? Can Channel 14 be set to PWM?

Any help with this would be appreciated!

I think this is indicating some kind of conflict in your pin assignment (Not sure from what NeoP stands for also). Anyway if the problem persists, I would recommend you to reset your parameter list to default and start again (save your parameter list to a file before doing it so you can compare the differences and try to find out what really happened).

Maybe “NeoP” stands for this, so you need to reconfigure your NTF_LED_TYPES parameter:

@ BrunoBagarini
Thanks for your help and I think I have figured it out? NeoP means Neopixel.
AUX pins I understand are divided into 2 groups, 1-4 & 5-6. I had a LUA scrip controlling some LEDs on Channel 13 (AUX5) so that set AUX 1-4 to PWM and AUX 5&6 to NeoP and meant AUX 6 couldn’t be used for PWM. Without the scrip running all the AUX channels were PWM. :grinning:


Nice man! Glad to hear it’s working now!