Go UP Altitude in Auto with Copter 4.0

sometimes, on the mission, the quadcopter stops and climbs! The height barometer information is correct, but it received some vertical speed errors from the EKF and the drone does not stop climbing.

this was done after some changes, because it happened at any time, but the drone goes up a little bit, 10 meters no more.

note: I used it in a southern region of my country and I didn’t have this problem, now, I’m using it in the northern region of my country (equator), I noticed that his positioning variations worsened a lot, and he emits signs of GLITCH CLEARED a few times! Then I also changed ek2_GPS_TYPE = 1 and GPS_GNSS_MODE = 79 (it was 71) and the GLITCHS stopped!

I like to change the parameter to use more Barometer, how can I do this?

tlog can be download: