Glider log from 5100m, strong winds


I curently test a glider here in Sodankylä.
Today we lifted the glider with a ballon to 5100m where it is released and flys to a coordinate.
However this time the wind in 4000 to 5000m where quite strong (60-75km/h).
Once released the glider didn’t perform that well we had much better performance last time with less wind…

Can anyone help me to better tune the glider against stronger winds…
By the way here is the log file:


Normally for strong winds (for example while slope soaring) you need to add ballast or weight to allow penetration of the glider. Trimming nose down also helps but if the glider doesn’t have the weight for penetration into wind then it gets blown backwards. For nosedown trim you can change AHRS_TRIM_Y to get the plane to fly faster in the glide, not sure if that’s the correct parameter to use but it will achieve the goal.

thx for the answer and yes the weight is a problem. Now we even tested in harder winds and were amazed how well it works…
Maybe we need to carry heavier instruments :slight_smile: