Gimbal Problems

I just got my gimbal in yesterday. If I plug only the power in it works fine. But when I plug in the 3 wires R/T/N from the IRIS into the gimbal. It rolls to a 45 deg and centers it self there. Any help would be great.

Here is the answer that I got! :angry: Go look at the link were they told you to hook up the red wire :imp:

Hello Rob.
Thank you for contacting Technical Support.
Please check the instructions shown here on the manual, note that there are some corrections to be made first:

  • First ensure that when powering up the gimbal and attaching the GoPro camera, the gimbal stabilizes the GoPro camera.
  • On section 3 [Connect], be sure to NOT connect the Red Wire to the gimbal.
  • Note that the “Thread Cables Here” image is rotated 90 degrees counter clock wise, to ensure the same connections as shown on step #3, rotate the gimbal (Thread cables here image as reference) 90 degrees clockwise position, this will ensure same position as the images below (step #3). … RIS-V6.pdf
    Hope this helps!
    Have a Nice Day!
    Francisco A.
    [Technical Support Engineer][English-Spanish Support]

Thanks I will look them up… :stuck_out_tongue:

Hello Rob.
Check the information on here:
You should be able to see the “Configuring the gimbal” on step #6.
Download the file and write it down to the gimbal.
Let me know!
Have a Nice Day!
Francisco A.