Gimbal power connector connected with reverse polarity


unfortunately I have connected the gimbal power connector with reverse polarity and one or more parts of the power board got fried.

Even though I could not see any damaged parts on the board, the drone won’t start anymore.

However, the Pixhawk controller and all other parts are OK and work fine.
The question is, which parts on the power board (capacitors, ICs) could be damaged or should be replaced?

Or if it is not repairable where can I buy a new powerboard?
I couldn’t find any in the 3DR store.


Power board, you mean Body plates?

If so, here: … er-upgrade

Which items are you referring to?
Please send an email to help@3drobotics in hopes to get a replacement :slight_smile:

I mean the board that is directly connected to the battery, please take a look at the attached photos. I will write an email to 3DR, thanks so far.

Hello again,

I have exchanged the old, damaged 4-in-1 ESC’S and power distribution board with a new one and soldered the motor cables correctly on the new board. However the rotors do not spin normally. When I increase the rotation speed, at first only one motor starts and then the others one by one. Where the first motor rotates faster than the second and so on. Hence the drone does not fly. What can I do?

Thanks a lot!