Gimbal for SkyWalker V8 - Any solutions out there?

I am in search for a 2 Axis Gimbal for my SkyWalker X8 plane.

As shown in pic, I have created a window for the camera pointing downwards. I am designing a Universal mount for all types of cameras that can be used for Agricultural photography.

Need a 2 axis stabilization solution. Are there any out there?

Looking for alternatives and solutions.

Hmmm…no takers?..

Well, you had some weight to your plane which is weird and photogrammetry loves angles, so you will get better results without gimbal…

In case you would like to this, there are some options like this one :

Or if you look at it in details, it’s not really complicated to make your own : just 2 servos and you have gimbal control in ardupilot fw

This company is out of business.