Getting/Making the Best Rover


I am currently trying to work out a reliable 4 wheel rover to make or buy for a project I am working on. The rover will need to be reasonably big, enough to carry all necessary parts, around a 200 gram payload, and run for 12-20 min all autonomously. I would love to get some advice on the best system out there that I could buy off the shelf or the necessary parts I need to build one. I would love to build this with a pixhawk with the duel GPS to run autonomous missions and eventually plan to have it work with two UASs using mission planners swarm function. Please let me know if you can help me out or direct me somewhere else.

Thank you,

Graham Bryan

I am really looking for the most reliable system that can run, say 50 times before having to do any repairs if is just running autonomous missions on a model airplane runway.

How fast does it need to go?
Have a look at my build video as that rover was designed to run with a payload for up to an hour.

Thanks, Grant.

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Thats great, thank you! it doesn’t need to go fast at all, Id say no less than 4mph.

I’d say no less then 1/10 scale if your looking to put a payload on. The 1/16 scale RC cars are do able but everything is a bit of a squeeze.
Let us know what you end up doing! And of course if you have any problems but make sure you have had a good read of the wiki first :slight_smile:
Thanks, Grant.