Geo-Fence issue


I am getting a Fence Breach/Failsafe error since I installed 4.0.

The strange thing is that it only occurs when I have the Fence type set to Polygon.

When I choose any other option (ex: Circle) the warning goes away.

Any ideas?


Update to 4.0.1. AFAIK it is a fixed issue

Thank you for the response!

I have updated to 4.0.1 and now I am getting:

PreArm: GPS 2 failing configuration checks

I was able to bypass this error by setting GPS_AUTO_CONFIG = 0 (disabled). Then after powering up GPS_AUTO_CONFIG = 1 (enable). Obviously I don’t want to do this every time or disable the GPS pre-arm check. Any help is appreciated.



It could be that there is a communication issue with the 2nd GPS or perhaps some other configuration is incorrect. Can you post an onboard load (aka dataflash log)? Ideally provide a .bin file they are much smaller and hold the same information as the .log files.

This error occurs during the pre-arm check so I don’t have any logs. I do have the .tlogs if that’s helpful?

If you set LOG_DISARMED parameter, then you do get logs.