General Hardware Discussion Forum has to go!

The General Hardware Discussion Forum for non-3DR products is not a good idea. Members are posting requests for help with non-3DR hardware/firmware issues that should be being posted on DIY Drones. These posts will definitely not be “general” in nature!

Yeah, but before, those requests ended up in the Motors/ESC or …/Failsafe subforums under firmware and cluttered those.
When I was cleaning up I counted 12 (!) posts about calibrating ESCs which were not at all firmware related.

And as there is a strong opposition against strict moderation among the team, the only viable method to keep order and ensure, the software support is working, is to have a “general” hardware forums where people can discuss those things. However, as I wrote in the wiki group, I see this forum widely unmoderated and I also don’t see any “obligation” of supporters to read in there. From my perspective, that’s more a “user helping user” place. I’ll add a “not for clones of 3DR products” note in the description.

I see your point. So this area is a place where moderators might look if they have absolutely nothing else to do:-)
Tom C

Exactly :smiley:. Not only moderators but also supporters :slight_smile:.