General auto-landing help/tips?

Good afternoon,

I’m hoping to get some general tips for autoland on my Finwing Penguin, and maybe some clarification on what the aircraft is actually doing when it goes from the last way point and into land mode.

I have read through the entire APM parameter list probably 4 times and know what params are used for the land sequence, but I’m very hesitant to adjust most of them due to my lack of understanding them fully.

I’ve been tuning it’s performance in auto mode for about a month, and using auto takeoff for about 2 weeks. I finally starting testing the landing about a week ago, and have aborted all of them except for one which went smoothly. Most of the aborted landings have to do with overshooting the spot I want to land at or having a path that is ~30m off from what I’m aiming for.

In my example, we’ll say the wind is coming from the north. I’ll set an 80m waypoint after the survey grid 400m south of where I want to land, then a loiter for 5 turns waypoint at 40m altitude right next to it, followed my a 30m waypoint about 50m north of the loiter waypoint (trying to line up the approach), then a land command.

Am I doing this wrong?

I think I got it dialed in pretty well…