GCS Failsafe settings

Hello everybody,
I have a question regarding GCS failsafe settings.

Currently when flying in Cruise or Guided I sometimes get to the edge of my RC range, this will trigger my THR_FS so the plane will firstly Circle for FS_Short and then RTL if FS_long time is expired.

But the behaviour I would like to achieve is that the plane keeps flying if it is in Cruise or Guided for as long as the GCS is still connected and Mavlink heartbeats are received. I only want the FS to switch to RTL in the event of a RC and GCS link loss. I looked at the FS_GCS_ENABL function but i cannot find how I should configure it to behave as described above.

And if Iam right, switching off the THR_FS can introduce an event where no RTL / failsafe is triggered because Arduplane doesnt recognize a failsafe event ?

If somebody could help me a little with this it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance