Gasser Heli Airborn flight - Compass Variance Error

Hello all,

I have assembled a gasser 700 size and made setup based on new Wiki and I flew fine but I saw EKF errors popping up .

Flight was all Stabilize as you can see in the logs. Also Param file is attached too. I did damper on the autopilot and compass to ease off vibration coming from the frame. I am little confused if EKF error caused by vibration or magnetic interferance.

Param file
gasserparam.param (14.6 KB)

Flight Log

Any help is appreciated as I dont want to crash in loiter because of this.

At work, so can’t review the logs, but here’s some common pitfalls:

  • Trying to use both or internal compass.
  • Old/bad servos near wiring from compass.
  • Calibrating the compass near metal/electrical objects. I have to do it outdoors in order to get a proper calibration.