Galileo GPS Glonass on BN 220

Hi all,

I am trying to have Galileo satellites on a BN 220. I have set 71 and GPS rate at 10hz but I can only connect GPS and glonass and high hdop (arducopter 4.0.5). Even with the BN 180 I get the same result. Has anyone succeeded? Thanks.

On 4.0.3 works well 20 sat hdop 0.5

Hi Alberto
it is a known problem:

Hi Andrea, Thanks!

Giacomo sent me the patch, but when will the problem be fixed permanently?

For us in Europe it is important because we often see fewer gps and glonass satellites

I am sorry but I cannot do more then I already done for this: to write about positive test on the PR comments and to say that it is important especially in Europe.

You could do the same, maybe more people post about positive test and more chance we have the PR will be merged, it has the “Needs Testing” label.

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Ok thanks I will do it as soon as possible