FW405 Wing Rebooting

Hi Guys,

I am using Arduplane with Matek F405 wing. I don’t know the reason, but when apply throtle 0 to 100 quickly the FC board Reboot.

Someone know what is the issuse?


yes, got the same with an Omnibus F4 pro v3 board (or f7v2, need to check).
What is you RC in signal ?
In my case it’s PPM.

This sounds like your voltage is sagging or spiking. Can you post a log?

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James is probably right. That’s the usual reason. Consider a good ubec.

I can reproduce it only with the omnibus f7v2.
Board is powered by the battery through the vbat/gnd pin, no ubec.
Actually board is not rebooting but hangs.
I tried with a capa but same result.
No SDcard on this board so no log, more test in progress.

I am using FRSKy receiver with sbus output.
This issue happen the first time when switch to RTL, after in the ground I saw that in the quick accelaration the FC reboot.

I Will reproduce and upload the log too.

What ESC are you using?