Funding for continued development of APSync and T265 navigation [APPROVED]

Proposal type: Hardware [X] , Software [ ] , Other [ ] : _________________


I find my self in need of a T265 to continue development of the APSync image and t265 navigation with AP, as well as support and testing of GSoC projects.

Planned amount $$ (USD):

Intel RealSense T265 USD$250.00

Estimated time for completion:

On going


I’m not on the funding committee but I support this request. Jaime has been working on the APSync images that have been an important part of improving the ease-of-use of the T265 (see blog here).


Demand received ! We should give an answer soon

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This proposal has been approved.

Please follow for instructions on filling the reimbursement request and, on step 5, send a copy to

You can make the request in the currency you paid, as long as a document shows it.

Best regards,

Pierre for ArduPilot Funding Committee


Thank you, submitted and copy sent.

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