Full Parameter list in excel

Is there a such thing that the full parameter list be available in excel format with explanation of what each parameter does?

Scrolling through online document web pages can be challenging sometime.

Just curious…

Nope, there isn’t such a thing

Thats what I thought. Understanding all parameters is pain in the neck with current method in place.

There is no birds eye view of all parameters and ability to break them down per craft type causes a lot of confusions.

Wondering what we can do as community to improve that…

Any ideas?

As long as you give up on simple problems like in the other thread, an Excel table with the parameters won’t help you. Especially since you only need to know 10-20 parameters for a basic setup.

Everything else is rather special and can be looked up well in the Wiki. Furthermore, there is also an explanation in the Full Parameter List in Mission Planner. And if all this is not enough, you can also ask here.

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I agree with you, and no I don’t give up that easily :slight_smile: Found the problem, check my other thread response.

The reason I was asking about excel or some other type of format is I am trying to teach my son and few other people Ardu pilot parameters settings. One of them wants to work on a companion computer and he is a software developer so he will need to know a lot more than just basic settings. right now he is learning MAVlink and how to use it.

Looking for better ways to learn myself and help others. Just thinking outside of the box.