Full left turn during Autotakeoff

Hey all,

While preparing my plane for auto-takeoff I noticed some strange behavior when I enabled the momentary switch to test it.

It seems that when FBWA tdrag is enabled the aircraft inputs full left and simply rotates in a circle. It doesn’t try to correct itself either, which seems strange to me. I am attaching the logs in the hopes that something obvious is incorrect with my setup.

Any input would be appreciated.


Full left what? Rudder or aileron? Your plane is a tail dragger, correct?
Do all the surfaces move as they should in Manual and FBWA, ie roll, pitch and yaw?
Have you tried taking off in FBWA with TKOFF_TDRAG_ELEV at zero? What happens?
Is the channel you’re using for FBWA_TDRAG_CHAN not mixed or somehow connected to the rudder?

Full left nose wheel. It is a tricycle gear aircraft.

OK, then TKOFF_TDRAG_ELEV should be zero, other values are only for tail draggers.