Full house glider mixing or not

I posted this on the support forum, but thought this may be a better place to post.

I have a full house glider; crow, ail > rudder, ail > flaps, 3 camber settings on flaps and ailerons, etc.
Currently, all of this mixing is done with my TX. When I install the Pixhawk 4 with Arduplane will the mixing need do be done with the auto pilot?

If so, if I were to switch the mode to manual which I understand as radio pass-through. I would not have any mixing, correct? or does the mixing still continue or am I completely wrong about everything?


you can do a full house wing except camber

I think you could get camber working in manual mode with a TX mixer, although generally it is best to leave all the mixing to ArduPlane

Thanks for the info. I never even considered using the spoiler function. Based on your answer I am assuming that camber is not supported, but would it be possible to use an auxiliary input while not in manual to make camber adjustments?

no sorry, would need some small code changes to do manual passthrough. I think the main issue is not giving ArduPlane control of camber but how would we automatically apply it. ie no point in having control if we don’t know what to do with it.

I agree with not necessarily needing camber control when in Auto, but it would be nice to be able to set the camber if in FBWA for example. It can make a significant difference on a scratchy day.