Fuel flow sensor

Hello everyone.

I am wondering if anyone has any experience with fuel flow sensor input to the ardupilot with cube orange?

I am looking at this sensor http://www.flyboxavionics.it/files/Manual-503030-FT-60-Electronic-Transducer-rev1.pdf

It sends out a pulse of the same voltage as the feed voltage per revolution of the impeller. I am wondering, assuming I make a voltage divider to feed the correct voltage into the AP (3.3 V?), can the cube orange with ardupilot read these pulses and calculate the fuel consumed?

Thankful for any feedback!

Pulse output is not for adc 0…3.3v etc. Pulse is pulse per volume, so its a totaliser. To calculate flow rate you need volume over time.
Is there already a feature in ardupilot docs for fuel flow sensor connected to gpio that derives flow rate from totaliser pulse?

Yes I understand. My concern is just how to read the sensor electrically into the AP? The calculations/integration can be done after that. To get the correct voltage I’ll just add a voltage divider.

There is a wiki for that.
Flow and level

Why didnt I check there. Thank you! What is the maximum voltage of the pulse?


3.3v I believe.

I see. I don’t know if I don’t properly understand. In some places it says there is a voltage divider in the cube which can handle 5 V signals too. I need to use a pullup for my signal to 3.3 VDC but I don’t know where to get the 3.3 V from. I am supplying the servo rail with 5.2 VDC. Ideally I would just use a pullup resistor to that voltage. But I don’t know if the cube can handle that.

Another question - I also want to integrate 3 sensors which use an analogue voltage 0.5-4.5 VDC. I see there is 3x analogue in, but I can’t find any information how to use them. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

3.3v is usually onboard the fc for this purpose already no need for your own divider

Yes. But where do I take it from the fc? Thanks.

Well the location of the pin will depend on which fc, check the pin outs/wiring guides. It’s normally called 3v3

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